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Slaine is a walking matryoshka doll of issues underneath his baby-faced looks, and as such I appreciate all feedback concerning my portrayal of this character! Praises and constructive criticism are love, but flames and vague wordings are unnecessary. Please elaborate on what I need to work on so I can improve! And by that, I mean give examples. I don't expect links, but something like "I'm concerned about this thread with so-and-so, which gives me the impression of x" should suffice.

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Disclaimer: This is for OOC preferences, not IC! If a kink isn't listed, ask me if you're unsure.

I'm open to cross-canon and cross-medium shipping, smut or no smut! Unless your character is a canon rapist, then I'll forgo any smut/shipping with them, sorry. I also have the right to decline your character if I don't think they'll be a good fit for Slaine in any capacity.

On the subject of specific castmate pairings, do NOT request Inaho/Slaine because I hate it. But on a more positive note, I'd love to play with Harklight and Lemrina in smutty/shipping scenarios. c:

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